Working at Heights

Do you work at heights exceeding ten metres? If so, there are a few things you should know about when it comes to insurance.

Almost all insurers have limits in place when it comes to heights. Whilst this won’t impact upon most business types, it is of particular importance amongst tradespeople.

This guide will cover what workers need to know about working at heights and how it can affect their insurance.

How Is ‘Working At Heights’ Defined?

For most insurers, anything above ten metres is regarded as ‘working at heights’.

Generally speaking they are looking at the distance between you and the nearest solid floor.

Taking a high rise building as an example, if you were working inside of the building and there were no more than ten metres between you and the solid floor, there would be no issue.

However if you were on the outside of the building cleaning the windows, and there was more than ten metres between you and the ground (excluding any sort of work platform) it would be regarded as working at heights.

If you were working inside of the building, but were still more than ten metres above the ground (in a lobby for example) that would also be classed as working at heights.

When we talk about solid floor, we are generally referring to the ground or to a floor within a fully enclosed building. Scaffolding and other types of platforms are not regarding as a solid floor.

Why Do Heights Matter?

For many business types and occupations, working at heights can increase the risk of property damage or personal injury to either yourself or to other members of the public.

Because most insurers have restrictions on the heights they will cover, it is important that you tell them about the heights you work at. If you don’t, and you have to make a claim for an incident which has occurred at heights, you may find that your claim is denied.

Obtaining Insurance For Heights

The main type of business insurance that will be impacted upon by the height you work at will be your public liability. Income protection may also be affected, but that is a separate matter that is not covered in this guide.

Whilst almost all of the mainstream insurers will not cover work at heights exceeding ten metres, there are specialist insurers who are more than willing to assist.

If you do work at heights, it is simply a matter of telling your insurance broker about those heights. Your broker will then find an insurer who is able to offer you full cover for the work you do.

Policies covering work at heights will generally feature a higher insurance cost, but it is worth paying the extra so that you know you are properly protected, instead of risking it with an inadequate policy.

For more information about how working at heights may affect your insurance please contact your broker or insurer direct.

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