Mining Contractors Insurance

There are plenty of tradesmen and other contractors working on mine sites around Australia, and many of them are required to hold insurance.

If you work as a subcontractor on a mine site, you will most likely need public liability insurance. You may also know by now that getting cover can be a little tricker than normal.

All of the major insurance companies in Australia consider mine sites to be high risk locations, and for this reason many of them exclude any work conducted on mine sites from their policies.

Thankfully there are some specialist insurers who will offer cover for mine workers, and here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we know who they are and have full access to them.

Insurance Requirements for Miners

The most commonly required form of insurance for subcontractors on mining sites is public liability.

As subcontractors, these workers are generally not covered by the insurance of the mine site or the company that is hiring their services.

In most cases subcontractors and self-employed workers will be require to hold public liability insurance when working on the mine site. The minimum amount of cover will generally be $5 million however this is subject to change.

Some workers on mine sites may also be required to hold income protection insurance. This is because subcontractors and other self-employed workers are generally not covered by sick leave or worker’s compensation.

For more information about your insurance requirements you should speak with the mine or contracting company that is hiring your services.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

As public liability insurance is a common requirement for workers on mine sites, it is important to know what it actually covers.

Primarily, public liability insurance is designed to protect you from the financial consequences of causing property damage or personal injury to other people through negligence.

On a mine site there is considerable potential for major property damage or serious personal injury. If your negligence results in damage to expensive machinery or serious injury to another person, the financial costs could be huge.

With the right public liability insurance in place you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have cover in place for such events.

Getting Quotes and Cover

When seeking public liability quotes for anyone working in or around mining sites, it is vitally important to tell the insurance company or broker everything about the locations you work in.

If you don’t tell them about your mining work you will get your insurance for a much lower premium, however any claim relating to mining work will be declined and you could find yourself in trouble for breaching your duty of disclosure.

Here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we have access to a range of specialist insurance companies that will offer cover to tradesmen and other workers on mining sites.

Our network of insurance brokers and advisers have assisted many workers and small business owners involved in mining and they would love to assist you with your insurance needs.

To obtain a quote on your public liability and other forms of insurance please complete our online quote request or give us a call here at the office.