Public Liability Insurance Qld

Here in Queensland there are many small and large businesses that require public liability insurance. Some businesses require the cover by law, and for other companies it is simply a good idea.

Although the team at Public Liability Insurance Australia help people all over the country with their insurance needs, our team is actually based right here in sunny Qld.

Whatever type of business you run, whether you’re a sole trader carpenter or a large retail chain, we can help you with the right service and advice on your public liability insurance.

Public liability requirements in Qld

The requirements of businesses needing public liability insurance are fairly similar wherever in Australia your business is located, however there are a few differences that are unique to Qld.

For example, electricians in Queensland must hold a Qld Electrical Contractors Licence, and in order to obtain or renew this licence the applicant must hold a special type of public liability policy specifically designed for Qld electricians.

The required cover is a broadform liability policy that includes consumer protection cover of $50,000. This cover is only available from certain insurers, and has been specifically designed to meet the Queensland requirements.

This is just one example of why all Qld businesses should deal with a Qld insurance broker, or at least a broker who knows the Queensland market well.

We cannot list all of the special Qld insurance requirements here on our website, however when you request a quote via our website your details will be reviewed by an insurance expert who can advise you on any Qld specific requirements for your industry or business type.

What to look for in a public liability policy

Aside from a few special exceptions such as the one detailed above, public liability insurance policies are generally the same regardless of whether your business operates in Qld or elsewhere in Australia.

The standard cover offered by all public liability policies is much the same, in that it will cover your business from the financial consequences of property damage or personal injury caused by your business to other people.

There are some differences in the extra features and benefits offered by different public liability policies, so it is worth comparing these between insurers.

Finally, you need to look at the value offered by the policy. The cost of public liability insurance in Qld does vary from one insurer to the next, so it is definitely worth shopping around when looking for your next policy.

Here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we can of course save you the trouble of shopping around, as our team will do the running around for you and provide you with quotes from a number of different leading insurance companies.

How to obtain public liability insurance in Qld

For businesses based in Queensland or those with operations in the state, there are various ways that you can research and obtain your public liability insurance.

Traditionally many business owners have used a local insurance broker. This has been a popular method over the years, however with the development of the internet has made obtaining public liability cover much easier and more convenient, not to mention cheaper in some cases.

Here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we can make the process of obtaining your insurance easier. You simply enter your business details from the comfort of your own home or office, and our system will then match you with an insurance professional who will provide your quotes within 24 hours via email or phone.

The benefit of our website is that you have the convenience of dealing with us online whilst enjoying the peace of mind knowing that you will also be dealing with a fully qualified and licensed insurance broker who will be there to look after you.

To obtain a quote on your public liability insurance simply click here to complete our online quote request. To find out more about dealing with us please review our terms of use.