Public Liability Insurance Companies

Here in New Zealand there are a large number of insurers offering public liability insurance, but how to you choose the one that is right for you?

Of the public liability insurance companies operating in this country, some of them are New Zealand owned whilst others are foreign owned insurers with NZ offices.

Many of the major providers of public liability insurance are well known names in the New Zealand insurance market. Recognised names such as State, AMI, Tower and Vero all provide public liability cover for a range of different business types.

In addition to the major insurers, there are also dozens of specialist public liability insurance companies that provide cover in more specialised areas.

If you run a fairly standard type of business you will often find that the large mainstream insurers will offer the best deal, however if you run a business in a more specialised or unique industry, especially one regarded as high risk, then you may find that one of the small specialist insurance companies will be able to assist when the larger ones wont.

Some of the major public liability insurance companies have been listed below:

Vero Public Liability Insurance

Vero provide public liability cover for many different business types, and have been operating in New Zealand for many years. Vero is part of the Suncorp group, and offers its policies exclusively through insurance brokers.

Vero offers a number of different public liability policies to suit certain industries and types of businesses. Their mobile business policy is popular with tradespeople who don’t operate from their own business premises, and they also have individual policies designed for retail businesses, the motor trades industry and professional services firms.

Specialist Public Liability Insurance Companies

In addition to the big and well known insurance companies there are many smaller insurers operating in New Zealand. Often these insurers will specialise in certain niches and industries that may seem too small or too risky for the larger insurers to bother with.

Finding these specialist insurers can be a little tricky for the average business owner, so the best way to find an insurer that specialises in your industry is to speak with an insurance broker who deals with other businesses in your same industry.

Insuring with the specialist providers can sometimes be more expensive, however if they specialise in your industry they may be able to provide a level of cover that better suits your particular businesses.

Selecting a Public Liability Insurance Company

The right public liability insurance company for your business really depending on the type of business you run, as well as you own needs and objectives for the cover.

Sole traders operating from home may only need a basic public liability policy, and may choose a company based solely on the cheapest premium. On the other hand a larger business may want a company that can provide a comprehensive package that spans public liability along with other insurances required by the business.

One of the best ways to choose a provider for your public liability insurance is to use an insurance broker who knows the market well and can match you and your business up with a suitable policy that meets all of your needs along with your budget.

Here at Public Liability Insurance we are backed by a team of insurance brokers around New Zealand who specialise in public liability insurance. By submitting your details we will match you up with a qualified broker who can provide your public liability quotes quickly and without any hassles.

For more information on the various public liability insurance companies operating in New Zealand or to get a public liability insurance quote, simply complete our easy to use online quote system or get in touch with one of our team members.