Business Pack Insurance New Zealand

Taking out business insurance has become easier over the last decade or so for various reasons.

The ability to obtain quotes and cover via the internet is one reason, and another is the fact that many Australian insurers now have easy to understand business pack insurance policies.

These business pack insurance policies make it easier for small business owners and operators to get comprehensive insurance without needing to read and understand a dozen different policy documents.

What is Business Pack Insurance?

A business pack insurance policy is a type of policy which is designed to protect a business and its owners against a range of common risks.

Instead of having multiple policies for each different risk, a business insurance pack can cover arrange of risks within a single policy. This means less paperwork and just a single payment for each type of cover.

What Can Be Covered?

A business insurance package can cover as much or as little as you need, and each different business will have different needs.

Some businesses may only require the public liability general property covers (such as a tradesman) whilst other businesses may require a much larger range of covers (such as a retail store).

Below we have listed some of the more popular options within a business pack insurance policy available through one of Australia’s largest insurers.

It is important to keep in mind that the information listed below on each cover is very brief. For more information on each section you should speak with a qualified insurance adviser.

Legal Liability

Legal liability is more commonly referred to as public liability insurance. The policy covers you for property damage or personal injury you cause to other people (excluding your own staff).

Portable and Valuable Items

This cover protects your portable tools of trade. The cover is popular for tradesmen insuring their tools, and other workers insuring laptops and other portable equipment.


If you business deals in cash, this section can cover the loss of cash held at your premises or in transit. As with most form of insurance, there are limits to the amount of cash which can be covered.

Commercial Motor

Commercial motor is simply car insurance for your work vehicles. Instead of having separate policies for each vehicle you can include all of them in a single business pack policy. This can cover a single vehicle through to a large fleet.

Fire and Defined Events

If you have stock or equipment on site you can insure it against fire and other events such as storm damage. This cover is popular with businesses that operate from their own premises.


This is another cover popular with businesses operating from their own premises. It can cover stock and equipment that is stolen from your business premises.


Accidents can happen on your business premises, and glass is one of those things which is easily broken and not cheap to replace. Glass insurance can cover the costs of replacing external and internal glass.

Machinery Breakdown

Breakdown of major equipment and plant can lead to costly downtime within your business. Machinery breakdown insurance can cover the costs of repairing certain items if they fail.

Computer Breakdown & Restoration of Computer Data

As businesses become more reliant on computers and electronic equipment there is an increasing risk of things going wrong. This cover can help to protect you against the affects of computer breakdown and any resulting loss of data.

Employee Dishonesty

We all try to choose staff that we can trust, but unfortunately there are people out there willing to do the wrong thing. This form of insurance can cover the financial costs of employee dishonesty and fraud.

Business Interruption

This is one of the most important forms of insurance for a business. This cover can replace income which has been lost due to certain interruptions to your business. A common example of a claim is damage to a workplace which leaves you unable to operate for a period of time.

Goods in Transit

This section covers any goods or stock owned by your business which is lost or damaged during transit.

Business Pack Insurance Quotes

Here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we can arrange quotes on all of the covers listed above, not just public liability cover.

To obtain a quote or more information on the various business insurance types please complete our online quote request or simply give us a call.