Public Liability Insurance Allianz

There are a number of insurance companies offering public liability in Australia, and one of those is Allianz.

Allianz provide a range of insurance products in Australia to suit both personal and business customers. In this guide we’ll specifically be looking at the business side.

About Allianz

Although Allianz are a German based company, they have extensive operations in Australia and New Zealand and employ over 3,600 local staff.

Allianz Australia is the country’s fourth largest insurance company and looks after the needs of over two million policyholders. When it comes to workers compensation insurance, Allianz covers approximately one in five Australian employees.

Public Liability Insurance

Given that our website is all about public liability insurance, it’s a given that this is the policy we will be concentrating on in this guide.

Allianz offers public liability insurance to a huge range of Australian businesses from tradies through to doctors, and from sole traders through to major corporations.

Policies for public liability can be taken out in amounts including $5, $10 and $20 million, and when taken out in a business package it can be bundled with general property insurance and other forms of cover.

Allianz are generally considered to be quite competitive when it comes to the cost of public liability insurance, although it can fluctuate depending on the type of business being insured.

Other Forms of Insurance

Allianz offers a range of other insurance types to suit small business owners. Some of these include commercial building and contents insurance, as well as stock and business interruption cover.

Commercial vehicles can also be covered, including trailers and other forms of equipment.

Quotes and Information

Most insurance brokers and advisers will be able to provide you with information and quotes on the various forms of cover offered by Allianz.

Here at Public Liability Insurance Australia we have a network of insurance professionals who can assist you. To be put in touch with a broker simply complete our online quote request or contact form.